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PET Milk bottles machine

PET bottles for milk and more

PET bottles role as packaging for milk, yogurt, leben, ayran or milk-shakes is rapidly growing. PET bottle as packaging for dairy products allows to reduce costs (production and transport) as well as ensure perfect product presentations and convenient handling (non-breakable, light, easy to open& close). Wide range of 38mm neck milk preforms available all other the world allows to produce variety of volumes 200ml – 2000ml.

What’s the cost of a PET bottle?

Cost of PET bottle is not only substantially lower than any other packaging but also overall cost of PET bottling line is very reasonable . Low market entry barrier – filling lines feasible starting from 2000bph and shelf life 5-90 days (fresh milk, pasteurized milk, ESL, ESL2) incentive enough to invest in PET lines..

ESL milk filling lines

SMF flagship products are ESL milk filling lines with shelf-life 21 days, working speed 6 000 – 12 000 bph for 1L bottles produced with 22gr preform.

Milk PET Bottle – Best design

Special design of PET blowers & conveyors in ultraclean version as well as reheating of PET preform as natural part of the blowing process ensures high level of hygiene and safety of the final product. Sounds interesting? Why don’t ask SMF team for more details to make your dream about milk PET bottles come true!

Our bottle offer

Milk pet bottle: 1.0L, 0.24L, 0.5L, 0.59L, 0.18L, 0.9L, 0.87L. Good machine for making milk bottles and dairy products.



Recommended machines:

– Optima 8

– Optima 4

– HS 6000

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