HS and Combi PET blower

HS/HL and Combi/CL Blow Moulding Machines

The HS/HL and Combi/CL Series are linear, automatic Blow Moulding Machines capable of producing PET bottles from 200 to 3000 ml and with a capacity of 1 000 to 12 000 pieces per hour for 500 ml bottles. Compact size, trouble-free operation and low running costs make SMF machines a frequent choice of customers just starting their own bottle production, as well as manufacturers who have been in the market for years.

HS, HL, Combi, CL Blow Moulding Machines – reliability and economy

With the ability to quickly change the bottle and neck format, these series of machines enable easy and inexpensive production of a very wide range of bottles. The Blow Moulding Machines are equipped with an efficient system of thermal plasticization of preforms (furnace) operating on the basis of IR radiation. The heating system in the machine is modular, and each module consists of 7 heating zones. This allows for proper heating of even long and heavy preforms. The operation of individual machine subassemblies is supported by FESTO pneumatic cylinders.

Guarantee of durability and long use of Blow Moulding Machines is solid, proven construction of the closing machine and use of high quality components from Mitsubishi, EATON, Allan Bradley, Weidmuller, Balluff, Wenglo, Celduc and other renowned manufacturers.

SMF Blow Moulding Machines

The Combi and HS Series Blow Moulding Machines have a modular design, which enables machine sections to be linked together on a single frame. By adding one section (HS3000/C200) or two (HS6000/C400) and more (HS9000, HS12000), it is possible to create a machine layout with a capacity that flexibly adapts to the customer’s current needs.

In the HS and HL Series, the preform transport system is based on individually designed pins on which the preforms are installed individually. This solution ensures stable machine operation even with preforms with “difficult necks” such as oil or chemical. The HS machines are highly efficient and can operate independently or in a bottling line in combination with an SB Series bottle unscrambler.

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