3L-20L big bottle blowers

Blow Moulding Machines for bottles with a capacity of 3 l and more

Plastic bottles with a capacity of 3 to 6 l are used as water containers in households. Large, 5-gallon bottles (about 20 l) are used in industry, are an important part of water dispensers, and pass the test as bulk packaging for beer or wine.

The large 3-5 l PET bottle is a popular container for edible oil, as well as for a variety of domestic detergents such as trigger spray bottles, dishwashing liquid, liquid soap, fabric conditioner or even bleach. Such models are also used as packaging for large volume chemical products e.g. car windscreen washer or AdBlue and others.

Production of bottles with capacity above 3 l

The production of PET bottles with a capacity above 3 l requires the use of a special type of blow moulding machine. Large bottles are made from heavier preforms, usually with a different neck-ring type than small classic beverage bottles – 38 mm, 45 mm, 55 mm. SMF Blow Moulding Machines are suitable for producing large PET bottles from 2-3 l up to 20 l or even 30 l.

Optima MAX Series

Optima MAX are special versions of the classic 8-slot SMF machine. MAX models have the benefits of the Optima Series – innovation, reliability and ease of use. These are state-of-the-art blow moulding machines that are all-electric – all relevant processes are controlled and controlled by Mitsubishi servo drives, and the finished bottles are unloaded vertically.

In the 6-cavity version (Optima 6MAX) it is possible to produce bottles up to 3 l in volume. Optima 4MAX, on the other hand, is a 4-cavity machine with a nominal working speed 6500 of 5 l bottles per hour.

The Stratos Series of automatic machines will be suitable for larger capacity bottles, Stratos 10 is a two-cavity machine that can produce bottles from 3 to 12 l.

Stratos 20 is a single-cavity machine suitable for producing 5 to 20 l containers. For customers looking for a machine with lower capacity, we can offer single- or double-cavity machines Optima 2, Optima1/2 or semi-automatic machines of Jumbo Series.

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