Machine for application paper decoration on bottle cap

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Paper decoration machine

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“Hood applicator” CERES-3 is a device for applying a decorative, paper napkin on the neck of a jar / bottle. The napkin is fed from a roll, cut according a given dimensions and put above the cap/ neck on a jar / bottle. A decorative napkin is automatically tied with an elastic string after it is placed on the neck of the jar / bottle.

The machine’s construction was based on the well-known and reputable brands such as Mitsubishi, Festo, Wenglor, Weidmuller, Suncor, Murr, Allen-Bradley .

Key features:

· Capacity : 3000 bph or 2500 jars / hour

· Maximum size of the napkin: 150 × 150 mm

· Minimum size of a napkin: 100 × 100 mm

· Bottle / jar diameter: 70–100 mm / 70–100 mm

· Bottle / jar height: 180–280 mm / 100–250 mm

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