Automatic shrink-wrapper Bauer 20

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Shrink Wrap Machines

Reliable & efficient: These are the qualities we promise if you use an SMF’s shrink-wrap machine. Capable of working with bottle sizes of various shapes and sizes, giving you a fully programmable interface, and handling up to 10,000 bottles per hour, our machines are excellent for small & medium enterprises! 

SMF Technology’s Shrink Wrap Machines 

SMF’s automatic shrink-wrapper Bauer is a secondary  packaging equipment suitable for a variety of production lines – our machines can handle bottle volumes from 250ml up to 1500ml and ramp up to speeds of ca. 10,000 BPH for 500ml bottle (packs 4×3) and ca. 8 000 BPH for 1500ml (packs 3×2), and handles bottles whether they’re made of plastic, metal, glass or paper. 

Main Features of Our Wrap Machines 

  • Smooth and reliable operation and full synchronization of working speeds thanks to the use of servo drives Quick format changeover through the control panel and the adjustment of a few parts – each shrink wrap machine is versatile as it does not require replacing parts.
  • Film overwrapping without welding bars.
  • Possibility to use printed film.
  • Includes an electrostatic eliminator.
  • Available in partial or full stainless steel versions.
  • Manual centralized lubrication system.
  • Each machine has a touchscreen panel with a simple and intuitive interface: this allows the operator to quickly configure every parameter.
  • The electrical panel is air-conditioned.
  • Online support.
  • Splitter/ divider – optional equipment with additional servo-motor – in case of bottle’s shape difficult for grouping.

Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

– Shrink wrapping is an efficient and reliable way of packaging the product. It is efficient, water-resistant, and cheaper than trays, cases, or carton boxes.  – Shrink wrapping products into bundles is more convenient for handling, palletizing, and logistical purposes.  –  Each product is visible, and in the case of damage, leaks, or anything else, a faulty container can be easier identified.  The risk of contamination is also reduced.  . The shrink-wrapping machine is a fully automated device packaging machine that requires little maintenance or oversight.

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