Face mask machine

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MPL-100 is fully automatic system for protective mask production from spunbond 100% polypropylene texture 15-26g/m2. Masks are applied on face and attached to the ears using two elastic band. Metal clip installed on the top part allows to adjust shape of mask to the nose to ensure proper application.

Surgical mask manufacturing

This system is suitable for 2-3 or 4 -layer mask production, with possibility to apply also filter layer. Depending on number of the layers machine can offer you continuous output of 80 up to 100 masks per minute.

All vital units for masks production process are controlled by Festo vales and steered by Mitsubishi PLC. This machine guarantees not only precision of operation, but also full control on production process and short operation cycle.

Mask production

Production process in divided into two main stages. First stage is initial mask forming-material is cut to the designed dimension, material is folded and mask is welded. In this stage also metal clips is applied on the top part of mask so the shape of mask could be to the shape of the nose. During second stage, two elastic bands are welded both sides of the protective mask to allow the mask to be attached to the ears.

Mask production line

The entire mask production process is fully automatic, no sewing or glue required. Various numbers of protective layers, option to use filters allows to produce wide range of masks, with varying degrees of protection, production costs and applications adjusted to the current needs.

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