Filling machines

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Searching for an uncomplicated, yet efficient method to bottle your products? Dive right into our Special Solutions!

The filling machines from SMF are designed to optimize the process and are ideal for various types of liquid products: water, carbonated drinks, dairy products – milk, yoghurt, sour cream; edible oil, household chemicals, alcohol drinks, etc.

There are different types of the filling units in terms of application and production process requirements:

  • monoblock (filling process)
  • double-block (filling and capping)
  • three-block (rinsing, filling and capping)

Special solution from SMF – SYNCRO UNIT – direct transfer of the bottles from the Linear Blower to the Rotary Filler – NO Air Conveyors are used.

Different aseptic requirements:

  • ESL (extended shelf-life)
  • Log 4

Different filling methods:

  • Gravity – still water – soft drink, alcohol, juice
  • Isobaric – CSD – OK
  • Hot fill – Juice, dairy products, soft drink
  • Nitro Hot fill – Juice, soft drink, dairy products
  • Load Cell – oil, milk drinks, etc. – expensive products
  • Flow meter – oil, milk drinks, alcohol etc. – expensive products

Besides of the filling units for the PET bottles, SMF propose the automatic pouch filling machine for dairy products – filling into bags.

Automatic filling machine

Linear Filling machine MP 6-2.B.L.02 is designed for water filling and suitable for PET bottles with the volume up to 10L. Working speed of this filler is 1000 bph of 5L. This machine is built of two modules – for water filling (with four filling nozzles) and capping (with one capping head).

Water filling module is responsible for the water supply as well as operation of valve mechanism. The capping system includes the following components: a cap orientator, cap’s feeding tray, a transport mechanism and a capping mechanism.

The machine is of a linear type – in each sequence of machine movement, a batch of 5 bottles is moved successively to the filling and capping section. Water filling machine is fully covered and filling and capping parts are connected and installed on the feeding conveyor and discharge conveyor.

Good equipment of the machine

Machine is equipped with block, shut-off mechanisms, conveyor clamps are equipped with frequency converters, all operations are automated. The complete machine is controlled by one PLC and is operated with one operator’s panel.Linear Filling machine MP 6-2.B.L.02 is fully automatic machine with gravity filling system and can work in filling line with speed 1000 of 5L bph -as a set with SMF blowing machines (e.g. two Jumbo 5 blowers or Optima 2/1).

Best EU Filling Machine

This machine was made in EU and meets all EU quality and safety standards. All contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel (optionally 316).

Buying SMF machine which is built of high quality components and equipment with reputable brands (like Festo pneumatic cylinders, Siemens PLC, Danfoss inverters, IFM sensors and others), you can be sure the quality and trouble-free operation for many years.

Together with our EU partners, SMF develops and delivers also rotary fillers (modern Tribloc). This solution can be based on gravity, isobaric, weight or volume dosing product system and speed from 6000 up to 28 000 bph.

Filling machines ideal for dairy products

Filling machines will be prepared according to the customer’s needs and can be suitable for many types of products – milk & dairy products (fresh milk, ESL with 21-28 days shelf-life or aseptic). We can also manufacture capping machines for almost every type of cap and labeling machines (for self-adhesive, sleeve or hot-melt OPP label).

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