PET Blow Machines

SMF Blow Molding Machine

SMF blow molding machines include almost 30 types of machines. We offer machines for the production of PET bottles for water, beverages, or milk, and we don’t stop there. We also offer solutions dedicated to producers of alcohol, oils, or various chemical products. The HS and Combi series are classic, compact, and easy-to-operate blow molding machines equipped with FESTO pneumatic actuators which are responsible for the operation of the individual components.

Optima, on the other hand, is a very modern, servo-motor-driven model used for the production of small and medium-sized high-quality bottles. SMF’s offer also includes blow molding machines with a capacity of up to 6,500 pieces per hour for the production of larger 5-liter PET bottles and blow molding machines for large 20-30 liter PET containers. If you’re in the market for a stretch blow molding machine, nobody does it better than SMF.

Shape PET bottles to your needs, design bottle shapes to meet buyers’ needs & market requirements, and create easy-to-transport, easy-to-shelf, and iconic designs: These and much more are possible with SMF’s PET blow molding machines.

Design and Manufacture the Perfect Bottle

From the designing stage to mass production, here at SMF, we are ready to help businesses get their custom PET bottles to the market:

  • Our designers will help you create PET blow designs while taking into account safety, viability, and cost.
  • Our engineers will build the molds for you – molds that can help you mass-produce PET bottles with the shapes and designs your company needs.
  • We then tweak and configure our stretch blow molding machine to work flawlessly with the molds. It is finally time for mass production.
  • We continue supporting your company: Whenever you need to create a new design or update an existing one, we are ready to fulfill your orders ASAP.

If you have an idea, we’ll help you make it true. We will provide you with the bespoke stretch blow molding machine solutions you need to bring your PET bottle design to life.

SMF’s Established PET Blow Moulding Machine Process

Works on a new concept for PET bottles & new blowing mold is divided into a few stages.

Designing the PET Bottle Blowing Mold

  • Discuss the process with the client and create a working concept of what they want the final design to look like.
  • Take into account a multitude of variables like its shape, weight, cost, and suppliers that will impact the viability and performance of the design.
  • Bottle shape design: making drawings of the bottle to visualize its design and dimensions.
  • Consulting the client: The drawings will help you decide whether you like the design or not, and then, you merely need to communicate your thoughts to use. We will revise the designs based on your comments until you’re left with a design you’re perfectly satisfied with.
  • Next, we design a 3D CGI model of the PET blow mould with the possibility of 3D printing the design if the project demands it. The manufacturing process starts only after a green light.

Manufacturing the PET Blow Mold

  • The manufacturing process starts by preparing 3D assembly drawings of the complete blowing molds including all the parts needed to install them on the PET blow molding machines. Then we order all the materials (including special types of aluminum) according to the required dimensions.
  • Our engineers will then write a program for CNC machines that will allow them to accurately reflect the shape and dimensions of bottles in accordance with the approved designs.
  • Then comes the CNC production and hand polishing of all components. After that’s done, we then assemble the molds.

Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Tests of the blowing molds on the PET blow molding machines to ensure everything works as intended.
  • Verifying dimensions of the physical bottle samples with the dimensions given on the drawing accepted by the client including verifying the filling level.
  • Handing over the molds for the PET blow molding machines to the client

And that’s how SMF, a stretching bottling machine manufacturer, handles the process.

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