PET blowers

SMF blow moulding machines

SMF blow moulding machines include almost 30 types of machines. We offer machines for the production of PET bottles for water, beverages or milk, as well as solutions dedicated to producers of alcohol, oils or various chemical products.The HS and Combi series are classic, compact and easy-to-operate blow moulding machines equipped with FESTO pneumatic actuators which are responsible for the operation of the individual components.

Optima, on the other hand, are very modern, servo-motor-driven models used for the production of small and medium-sized bottles of high quality. SMF’s offer also includes blow moulding machines with a capacity of up to 6,500 pieces per hour for the production of larger 5-litre PET bottles and blow moulding machines for large 20-30 litres PET containers.

PET bottle production

PET bottles are durable, convenient and lightweight. If you pack your product in such packaging and your monthly demand is about 40,000 – 80,000 pieces, you should consider investing in your own blow moulding machine. SMF will help you find a solution that meets all your expectations.

Our offer includes blow moulding machines suitable for small companies starting the production of PET bottles, as well as high-capacity PET blow moulding machines producing up to 34,000 pieces of 500 ml bottles. SMF machines are also the perfect solution for PET packaging manufacturers – our blow moulding machines are intuitive, compact and produce high-quality bottles from 100 ml to 20 l.

We will create a bottle design especially for you and produce a unique blow mould!

  • 3L-20L big bottle blowers

    3L-20L big bottle blowers (9)

    Blow Moulding Machines for bottles with a capacity of 3 l and more Plastic bottles with a capacity of 3 to 6 l are used as water containers in households. Large, 5-gallon bottles (about 20 l) are used in industry, are an important part of water dispensers, and pass the test as bulk packaging for beer or wine. The large…
  • HS and Combi PET blower

    HS and Combi PET blower (7)

    HS/HL and Combi/CL Blow Moulding Machines The HS/HL and Combi/CL Series are linear, automatic Blow Moulding Machines capable of producing PET bottles from 200 to 3000 ml and with a capacity of 1 000 to 12 000 pieces per hour for 500 ml bottles. Compact size, trouble-free operation and low running costs make SMF machines a frequent choice of customers…
  • Optima electric PET blower

    Optima electric PET blower (5)

    Optima is a series of PET bottle blowing machines, characterised by its efficiency and reliability. All key functions of Optima Series machines are handled by a state-of-the-art drive system utilising servo motors. Thanks to such innovative solutions as an efficient NIR-based heating system, a recuperation system, special air collectors and blowing blocks, as well as the ability to blow bottles from ultra-light preforms,…