PET machine for pharma bottles

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PET machine for pharma bottles

PET machine pharma bottles

SMF blowing machines for PET bottles are 2 stages machines. During blowing process PET preforms are delivered into heating unit of the blower in order to be re-heated. Temperature of the re-heated preforms is 90—120 °C and it allows to eliminate microbiological contamination during bottles production process.

PET bottles is microbiologically clean thanks it blowing process itself and can be perfect packaging for pharmaceutical food products such as syrups and rinsing liquids.

Pharma bottle making machine

SMF machines are suitable for bottles from 100ml up to 20l. Using PET material allows to produce bottles in wide variety of shapes and colors. PET bottles are unbreakable and allows for excellent transparency or lack of transparency if required by the product. Using PET bottles allows to reduce cost of packaging but also gives many marketing options for perfect product presentation.

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