Steam tunnel- Model PT8/ Model PT12

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Steam tunnel - Model PT8/ Model PT12

The SMF steam tunnel is designed for shrinking of “sleeve labels” on PET or glass bottles and jars. The device is easy to use and more economical in use than shrink tunnels based on electric heaters. The length of SMF steam tunnel can be adjusted to the customer’s needs and depends on the bottle or jar to process.

The tunnels can be divided into: 2,3,4 and 5 stage steam tunnels. Each thermal shrinkage chamber can have a different steam pressure to obtain the best thermal shrinkage process and steam pressure can be easily regulated (by using handwheel) .


  • all stainless steel construction
  • adjustable height and angle of the nozzles
  • steam pressure adjustment at the nozzles
  • extraction of excess steam from inside the tunnel
  • the use of the Spirax Sarco float trap allows for the maintenance of dry, saturated steam
  • condensate drain

Model PT8:

Technical data:

power: 0.20 kW

power supply: 400 V / 50 Hz

capacity: up to 4000 bph

steam pressure at nozzles: 0.1-1 bar

shrink temperature 80-95 ° C

dimensions: 2650x1020x2280 (length, width, height)

weight: 550 kg

Model PT12 – power 0.4 kW:

power supply: 400 V / 50 Hz

capacity: up to 14,000 bph

steam pressure at nozzles: 0.1-1 bar

shrink temperature: 80-95 ° C

dimensions: 4000x1020x2280 (length, width, height.)

Weight: 920 kg

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