Automatic Labeling Machines

Customizable, efficient, and fully-automatic bottle labeling at scale: SMF bottle labeling systems are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies making them suitable for water bottle companies, beverage companies, and many other industries. If your business needs a reliable, automatic bottle labeling machine to handle labeling at scale with minimal downtime: SMF solutions are the right choice.

Features of SMF Labeling Machines


This machine is designed for applying wrap around or partial roll-fed labels from polypropylene/polystyrene/ paper and polypap label to PET, glass bottles or metal cans with hot-melt adhesive.

ETIMA labelling equipment can be used in various industries as well as for various types of containers and labels.

Container types/Product / Application.

Designed for flexibility allows wide range of container shapes and sizes in PET, PVC, glass and metal to be decorated with many label materials including “Pre-glued” label web.

0,5L2,0L 0,1L4,0L 0,2L3,0L 0,2L – 3,0L 1,0L – 5,0L 1,0L5,0L Partial label

Round, square and rectangular

Dairy products

Round, square and rectangular

Soft and energy drinks, juices and nectars

Round, hexagonal and polygonal

Fruit conserves and pickles in glass

Square, round, oval and polygonal

Soups, sauces, meat, coffee and pet foods

Round, square and rectangular

Dimensions up to 170 mm

Concentrates, oils, detergents

Round, square and rectangular

İncluding “jug with handle” and cap not on centre line

All bottle types

*the diameter of the bottle can be bigger than 170 mm


  • Easy to control – visibility, access:  the user has easy access to all parts of the machine  for maintenance and control.
  • Low maintenance: the machine does not need frequent maintenance.
  • High speed – from 100 bottles per minute till 1000 bottles per minute.
  • User friendly: convenient to operate, easy to set up and change the format
  • Modular concept:  machine in 2modules – frame and carousel. Easy to deliver and assemble.
  • Changeover time <15 min: fast bottle/label format change.
  • Apply to the PET, glass, metal (cans) bottles: can be used for different container types.
  • Wrap around and partial label: different label types can be applied

Why Use SMF’s Automatic Labeling System?

The labeling system is a key part of the production pipeline – choosing the right equipment is important to keep throughput high and keep costs manageable. Here are just some of the reasons why companies that go with SMF labeling systems aren’t disappointed.

Truly automatic labeling solutions

SMF labeling machines require little maintenance and oversight. The bottles are automatically lined up, packaged, and sorted all without human input. This cuts down on labor costs and makes it easier to scale production with demand.

Reliable, label applicator

Reliability is a top concern for SMF – our machines put on the labels with surgical precision ensuring minimal error. You don’t have to worry about faulty labeling and wasted products. Higher reliability has the potential to significantly cut down on costs.

Able to handle most bottle sizes and Label shapes

Even if your production line doesn’t handle many bottle sizes and shapes now, as your company grows, you’ll likely need to introduce new bottle sizes and shapes, you need an automatic labeling system that can handle them properly.

This is precisely what SMF machines offer. Not only can they handle many different bottle sizes, but they can also precisely apply a variety of label types and shapes. If you want to correctly label your products and make your brand stand out, choose SMF!

Can integrate into SMF’s ecosystem

Our automatic labeling machines integrate perfectly with our bottle-blowing machines and conveyor belts. If you want a reliable, automated system that can handle everything from A to Z, you can’t go wrong with our solutions.

Customizable, bespoke labeler to meet your company’s needs

Being able to scale up or wind down production with demand is crucial for a business, especially as most B2C bottling industries have relatively volatile markets. Our labeling machines are easily configurable and can scale up and wind down production to meet changes in demand, making your production line more scalable and efficient.

Automatic Labeling Machines

What Are Automatic Labelling Machines?

Automatic labeling machines are an integral part of the production pipeline responsible for labeling and branding the products. Pre-labeled products move through a conveyor belt, get picked up by a labeler, and get branded in the designated location. The type and size of both bottles and labels vary, so these machines use a variety of tools to get the job done.

What Is the Price of an Automatic Flat Labeling Machine?

The price of automatic labeling machines is highly dependent on their configuration, throughput, and size. It can range from as low as a few grand to as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is important to get a label applicator suitable for your particular workload. Here at SMF, we carefully ask our clients about their requirements, specifications, and workload, and then match them with a bespoke solution tailor-made to meet all their demands.

What Are the Different Types of Automatic Labeling Machines?

When you are looking for a label applicator, it is good to know there are three different types of labeling machines:

  • Flat labeling machine: These machines put the labels on flat surfaces. Although they see widespread use in many industries, they’re less common in beverage and water industries, mostly used to put labels on bottle caps.
  • Side labeling machine: this machine puts labeling on the side panel of the workpiece. It is often used to imprint serial numbers, recyclability information, and more on bottles.
  • Circular/wrap-around labeling machine: the most common form of label applicator in the beverage industry, these labeling machines adhere wrap-around labeling to the bottles. This is where you’ll find the branding, key details about the product, and more.