Shrink Wrap Machines

Reliable, scalable, and efficient: These are the qualities SMF’s shrink-wrap machines represent. Capable of working with various types of bottles of various shapes and sizes, giving you a fully programmable interface, and handling up to 10,000 bottles per hour, our machines are excellent for small, medium, and large enterprises!

SMF Technology’s Shrink Wrap Machines

SMF’s BAUER automatic shrink wrapper is suitable for a variety of production lines — these packaging machines can handle bottles of volumes from 250ml up to 1500ml and ramp up to speeds of ca. 10,000 BPH for 500ml bottles (packs 4×3) and ca. 8 000 BPH for 1500ml bottles (packs 3×2). SMF’s shrink-wrap systems competently handle bottles whether they’re made of plastic, metal, glass, or paper.

Main Features of Our Wrap Machines

  • Smooth, reliable operation with fully synchronized working speeds thanks to the use of servo drives.
  • Quick format changeover with minimal adjustment through the control panel – each shrink wrap machine is versatile and doesn’t require replacing parts for format changeovers.
  • Film overwrapping without a sealing bar. The use of shrink tunnels to achieve full penetration.
  • Possibility to use printed film.
  • Includes an electrostatic eliminator.
  • Available in partial or full stainless steel versions.
  • Manual centralized lubrication system.
  • Each machine has a touchscreen panel with a simple and intuitive interface: this allows the operator to quickly configure every parameter.
  • The electrical panel is air-conditioned.
  • Online support.

Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

  • Using shrink film is an efficient and reliable way of packaging bottles. It is scalable, water-resistant, and cheaper than trays, cases, or carton boxes.
  • Shrink wrapping products into bundles is more convenient for handling, palletizing, and logistical purposes.
  • Each product is visible, and in the case of damage, leaks, or anything else, a faulty container can be easier identified. The risk of contamination is reduced.
  • The shrink-wrapping machine is fully automated and requires little maintenance or oversight.

How Do Shrink Wrappers Work?

Shrink film, also known as Shrink wrap, is a flexible polymer that quickly contracts when subjected to heat making it a cost-effective and reliable wrap packaging material.

A shrink-wrap machine takes the bottles and the shrink film through a heated shrink tunnel that distributes the heat and makes the film properly wrap around the bottles. Shrink wrappers use multiple kinds of polymer films including Polyvinyl Chloride and Polyolefin, with each having specific uses. Shrink-wrapping machines are a simple, flexible, and cost-effective way of packaging your products.