Machines for PP bottles

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Optima PP blowing machine

Optima PP is blowing machine suitable for polypropylene bottles production in 2 stage process. In step 1 pp preforms are produced from resin using injection machine. PP preforms should be stored for min.24h for re-crystallization. In stage 2 preforms are reheated and blown into bottles using Optima PP machine. Optima PP can be 4 or 8 cav machine and it can reach capacity 2400 bph of 100ml (with 4 cavities) and 4800bph of 100ml (with 8 cavities).

Optima PP is fully automatic machine with all vital units such as: closing unit, stretching rods, transmission of preforms between oven & moulds, discharge of ready bottles and oven itself being controlled and steered by Mitsubishi servo drives. Optima PP can produce bottles from 100ml up to 1000ml. Ready bottles are discharged in upright position and can be connected directly with bottle filling and sealing unit.

Blowing machine suitable for polypropylene bottles

Optima PP can have a pharmaceutical design and be manufactured in accordance with GMP and FDA requirements. Machine can be equipped with Laminar Flow Class 100 and can blowing the bottles using sterile air which makes it suitable as packing for IV-solution (e.g. N/S 0.9%, D/W 5%, DS 0,9, R/L and other).

Polypropylene bottles production

Thanks to using PP-material with medical grade, we can get perfect & unbreakable IV-container. PP bottles produced from preforms have excellent transparency of body and reduced weight (only 22gr for 500ml bottle). Filling temperature is up to 60°C so microbiological risk in production is reduced. PP bottles are suitable for sterilization at 121°C for 20 min and have good moisture& oxygen transmission barrier.

Together with our partners, we can deliver complete solutions for pharmaceutical production also including concept design & engineering .

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