Optima 16

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About our best 100% electric blowing machine

Optima 16 Turbo is a 16-cavity, linear, fully-automatic and 100% electric blowing machine with nominal working speed of 28000bph for 500ml.Optima can produce bottles from 200ml up to 2000ml. Ready bottles are discharged in upright possition.This modern machine is fully electric with all vital units such as: closing unit, stretching rods, transmission of preforms between  oven & moulds, discharged of ready bottles and oven itself is controlled and steered by Mitsubishi servo drives.

Optima machines are designed for customers  interested in high advanced and reliable blower and is suitable for bottles in various shapes: round, square, asymmetric, trigger, etc. Optima’s modern technology allows also to use ultra-light weight preforms and produce difficult shape bottles with highes efficiency and lowes costs.

Key features: 

  • Capacity: 28000bph for 500ml bottles, pressure of hight blow 40 bar
  • Modern and durable construction of closing unit- knee locking/geometric locking system 
  • Mitsubishi Servo-drives for all main operations
  • Very compact size with maximal output
  • Discharging ready bottles from Optima directly on air conveyor
  • Energy-saving heating process- NIR lamps instead of traditional IR radiation- electromagnetic radiation allows to reduce energy consumption and total size of the oven 
  • Low air consumption – reduced air dead volume thanks to air collectors and special valves used in the air recuperation system
  • Stable production of perfect bottles – 40 bar blowing pressure & smooth wall thanks to pressure compensation system o closing unit 
  • Usuful equipment for easy handling:  Central lublication system&PowerWizard based on pirometers for selfregulation of heating process 
  • Hight quality components: Mitsubishi, Eaton, Lutze, Pheonix, Allan Bradley, Norgen, Balluff, Wenglor, Cosmotec Stulz, eWom, Harting, Celduc, Tohiba, Lapp Kabel and others recommended brands 
  • Easy mould and neck changing 
  • Possibility of additional equipment 
  • HOT-FILL version avaiable

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