Optima 4 Turbo

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Optima 4NT is a 4-cavity, linear, automatic blow mouldin machine dedicated for production of PET bottles 100ml-2500ml with capacity up to 7200bph for 500ml bottels.  Optima is the fully electric machine. All machine’s movements are stearing by Mitsubishi servo-motors. Thanks to advanced technologies, machine allows to produce the bottles with unique shapes and high quality. 

 Key features: 

  • capacity: 7200bph for 500ml, pressure of high blow 40 bar
  • modern and durable construction of closing unit- knee locking/geometric closing system 
  • Mitsubishi servo-drives 
  • linear realising of bottles 
  • energy savinig heating process- NIR lamps instead of IR. Electromagnetic radiation allows to reduce energy consumption 
  • loe air consumption, dead volume reduced. 
  • Recuperation system  
  • usefull equipment foe easy handling: central lubrication system&Power Wizard based on pirometers for self-regulation of heating system 

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