Blowing and filling in one block

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Blowing and filling in one block

Block solutions

Sensitive products like milk or cream may require special hygienic conditions during the filling. SMF offers block solutions which have been designed in accordance with the requirements and expectations of the dairy industry.

This is perfect solution for packaging into PET bottles with working speed of 4,000 to 12,000 bottles / h.

PET bottling

PET bottling , the sterilization / rinsing module as well as the filling and capping units have been combined into one machine. The entire operation of blowing and transferring the bottle takes place in special conditions thanks to the isolation of the machine with a casing and the use of overpressure that prevents the penetration of impurities.

The finished bottle, immediately after blowing, is transferred to the tribloc star, where it is disinfected and rinsed. Then, in the dry and sterile section of the machine, the bottle is filled and closed. This solution allows to significantly reduce the amount of atrophaeus microorganisms and allows to extend shelf life of the product up to 6 months (in cold chain).

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