PET Bottle Design

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Pet bottle design

PET is one of the most popular materials for making bottles and packaging. Obtaining an individualized shape of PET bottles is possible thanks to the use of a modern machine for production. The blowing process gives the bottle its final and unique shape.

The use of modern technology allows you to obtain a bottle of really high quality. The blow molding machines we produce allow us to produce from 2,000 to 30,000 of the same bottles per hour.

Bottle design

By using professional and modern blowing machines for the production of PET plastic bottles, you can easily save money on the material! The economical and stylish design of the bottle will make it highly appreciated by consumers.

The blowing machines we offer allow us to obtain an identical, repeatable shape of the bottle prepared as part of the project. The use of easy-to-use and speeding-up blow molding machines significantly reduces the cost of investment in the production line.

Plastic bottle design

Innovation in the design of modern and consumer-compliant PET packaging allows not only unusual shapes, but also to support more economical production. Thanks to the use of modern, two-stage blowing machines for the production of PET plastic bottles, the production process can be significantly accelerated and the total cost can be significantly reduced.

The finished PET bottle packaging is immediately sent to the filling machine. These machines are capable of producing up to 30,000 PET plastic bottles in one hour.

Custom plastic bottles manufacturer

Manufacturers of plastic bottles work closely with designers, which ensures that the final appearance of the bottle will be as close to the sketch as possible.

However, for the production of such bottles, a high-quality, thermoplastic blank, which is a PET preform, is still needed. What’s more, it is also extremely important to use a modern, two-stage blowing machine, which will enable production with increased efficiency while maintaining very high quality.

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