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Do you produce PET bottles or would like to start producing them? 


Do you search for information on automatic pet bottle blowing machines?


Do you know of the modern, economic and efficient bottle blowing machines we offer at SMF?

Our company has been designing reliable, innovative and safe PET bottle production machines, bottle unscramblers, conveyor systems and other filling line machines for almost 30 years. All our machines are entirely designed and manufactured in Europe which guarantees their highest quality. SMF machines have been recognised in over 80 countries around the world, where more than 90% of our production goes. See for yourself what our customers are putting their money on and discover our greatest sales hits. Read the article below to find out! .

Optima series bottle blowers – reliability thanks to servo drive and innovative design

The cutting-edge machines in the Optima series are linear bottle blowing machines that use the latest drive solutions – servo motors. The first model in the Optima series was unveiled in 2012. Currently, the Optima line of blowing machines includes eleven varieties available in various configurations, and Optima 8 and Optima 4 bottle blowing machines are the flagships of SMF.

Types of machines in the Optima series

As an all-electric machine, the Optima 8 turbo has been in series production since 2015 and is currently the undisputed sales star. It is an 8 cavities linear blowing machine, which means that 8 bottles are blown simultaneously in one operation sequence. That enables a stable capacity 14,000 of 500ml bottles to be produced in one hour. Importantly, the machines operates at a constant capacity, enabling stable production. 

First Optima 4 turbo was developed in 2014 and from 2018 it has been produced in NT version. Optima 4 is a machine working at half the capacity of Optima 8; it is equipped with 4 blowing cavities which enables the stable production of over 7,000 of 500ml bottles in one hour. It is slightly less popular than Optima 8, but it is highly appreciated by producers of dairy products, oil, chemical products
or alcohols. 

Where does the name “electric machine” come from? In the design of Optima turbo, the classic pneumatic actuators have been replaced by eight modern Mitsubishi servo motors. Consequently, all of its key components are operated by Mitsubishi servo motors. Thanks to this solution, the machine can work stably and continuously for many hours and months. The servo motor enables full control of the movement of the driven component – its speed and position, fault diagnosis, recording of work cycles and automatic response to any disturbance, which significantly increases the service life of the entire component. In addition, the heart of the machine – the clamping unit – has been designed with great care so that the entire system is durable and reliable. The clamping unit, with the weight of over 5 000kg, is built from monolithic, fully machined plates and it has a simple, robust crank-and-lock design which ensures smoothness and eliminates vibration. Both halves of the capping unit are moved by two independent servo drives, which further increases the durability of the system. Evidence? Counter values of 200,000,000 – 300,000,000 blown bottles are nothing unusual with the first Optima 8 turbo machines shipped to customers and currently operating there, without the need for a major overhaul of these machines. 

 What is more, at their maximum capacity, the Optima series machines are extremely compact – their size can even be adapted to operation in container factories! They also ensure low air consumption, thanks to air collectors, special valves and the recuperation system. In addition, they are also distinguished for their efficient and energy-saving preform plasticising system using near-infrared NIR (instead of traditional IR). The machines also include high-quality components from brands such as Mitsubishi, Eaton, Lutze and Phoenix, to name a few. 

High performance of the machines, excellent bottle quality, durability and reliability are the features of Optima 8 and Optima 4 that make those machines a very popular choice for filling lines.  Do you want to know more about the unique features of those machines? You will find them on our website, in the section PET blowers/Optima electric PET Blower! 

The HS series of PET blowing machines – classics at their very best

Production of the HS series of blowing machines started as early as 2008. To this day, more than 500 machines have been produced. This was the second type of automatic blowing machine produced by SMF, a further relative of the Combi series blowers. The success of the HS series machines and their current popularity has been achieved by increasing the productivity and stability of the machines through the use of a precise preform transport system. This system makes it possible to use preforms with unusual necking shapes on the HS series machines and to blow a very wide range of bottles. The HS and Combi series are extremely durable and reliable, easy to operate and service even for first time bottle makers. What has been particularly appreciated by our customers is their versatility and continous operation under difficult enviromental conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the HS series machines are extremely compact in size and are distinguished by their durability, reliability, ease of use and resistance to environmental conditions. They are equipped with a modern Mitsubishi PLC with a built-in memory for many blowout recipes, and other high quality components – pneumatic actuators such as Festo and electrical components by Mitsubishi, EATON.  . In addition, the HS series is also characterised by the robust construction of the capping unit and an efficient plasticising system with heating modules for preforms. Each module comprises up to 7 lamp heating zones, which are controlled via an HMI touch control panel. An unquestionable advantage of the devices in this series is also the possibility to easily change the format of the bottles and the format of their neck (thread). Do you want to know more about the unique features of those machines? You will find them on our website, in the section Home / PET blowers / HS and Combi PET Blower.

A single PET blowing machine can produce multiple bottle formats ‒ 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1500ml and even 3000ml.  Their appearance can also be varied, as each bottle is produced in an individually designed mould, hence the possibility of different, unique designs. Changing the type of produced bottle requires only a simple replacement of the mould, an operation that is all too easy. In the case of the SMF Optima 8 blowing machine, it only takes 15 to 30 minutes! The ease and speed with which the blowing machine can change formats are very important for the operation of the entire filling line. In order to best meet customer expectations, beverage producers

Types of machines in the HS series

HS 6000 – is the most popular PET blower in the HS series. HS 6000 is a 4-cavities in-line automatic blowing machine designed for the production of PET bottles with a capacity from 200 ml to 3000 ml, which makes it possible to achieve a capacity of 6 000 pcs of 500ml bottles per hour. The main advantage of this machine is its durability and simplicity of design, as well as  easy change of bottle and neck formats. Those machines can work with a bottle unscrambler and be part of a filling line, but are just as often used in packaging factories for the production of bottles. Modular combination of an HS 6000 machine with another HS 6000 or HS 3000 machine is also possible. In this way, the efficiency of the entire line is increased, and the bottles produced on all combined HS machines are delivered to one
SB 10 or SB20 bottle unscrambler.

HS 3000 – an automatic, 2-cavities, linear, blowing machine that enables the production of PET bottles with volumes from 200 ml to 3000 ml. The nominal output speed of this machine is 3,000 bottles per hour for a 500 ml capacity. The machine has compact dimensions, changing the format of both bottles and neck is easy, and its cost is relatively low. The HS 3000 makes it possible to produce various types of bottles easily and cheaply, hence its great popularity among packaging manufacturers. 

SB Series Packaging Unscramblers – your production process automation

Bottle unscramblers are devices with which bottles or other packages are placed in a vertical position for feeding onto various conveyors and for their transport within the production line. If you do not have your own bottle blower, bottles purchased from a supplier must be fed properly onto the filling lines. Similarly, with some types of blowers, there is a need to position the bottle properly after it has been produced; in that case, a bottle unscrambler is an essential piece of equipment on the line that works between the blowing and the filling sections.  

Could the SMF series of bittle unscramblers be the perfect solution for you?  These machines can operate on various types of packaging – PET bottles, PP bottles, HDPE bottles, but also jars, canisters, plastic liners and other product containers. Bottle unscramblers are a solution that allows you to automate and speed up production (otherwise bottles are usually placed manually), reduce labour costs and increase hygiene throughout the process. They are easy to use, durable and universal – by changing the format, they offer the possibility of working with many types of packaging on one machine. 

Types of machines for bottle positioning 

SB10 – a linear bottle unscrambler, also known as a conveyor bottle unscrambler. The machine itself consists of two main components – the accumulation container (where the containers to be handled are placed) and the connected placing module, into which the bottles (or other packages) are placed. Then, using a system of belts and a special hook, the container is placed vertically on the plate conveyor. The machine is suitable for PET bottles as well as bottles made of other materials, with capacities ranging from 50 to even 2000 ml. Depending on the type of packaging, its height and diameter, the SB10 bottle unscrambler can work with a capacity of up to 14,000 pcs of 500ml bottles per hour. The machine’s wide adjustability means that it can be adapted not only to bottles but also to other packaging of various shapes and sizes, hence the popularity of the SB10 machine and its presence among SMF’s sales stars! For bottles up to 1500ml, a slightly smaller machine, the SB6, can be used. For handling very light, prone to crushing flat-bottomed bottles, we recommend another solution – the SB20 rotary bottle unscrabler, also known as a pocket bottle unscrambler. This solution is most commonly found on still water filling lines operating at capacities of up to 12,000 pcs of 500ml bottles per hour. 

Do you find this solution for positioning empty bottles and other packaging on the production line interesting? Visit our website and find more information about the SB series of SMF unscramblers, as well as the feeder / conveyor systems that handle the movement
of product through the production line. You will find them on our website, in the section: Filling Lines / Unscramblers for Bottle Blower and Filling Lines / Conveyors & Bottle Handling System

Remember that our machines and solutions are created entirely by our engineers, according to individual needs of each customer – we guarantee that we will do our best to find the perfect answer to your needs as well. We strive to ensure that SMF machines have a durable, robust and modern design, and that our customers can develop their business thanks to cooperation with us. Whether you are interested in a product from our hit list or another solution offered by our company, feel free to contact us!  Make use of our support – we offer assistance at every stage of the project to launch PET bottle production in your company.

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