Spare parts request, technical problems or just questions about SMF machines?

We are here for you!

Working with us, you can be sure about the product was  designed and manufactures by SMF in EU so we can always support you and help to solve all types of problems.

We provide a service and deliver spare parts all over the world.
Shipment will arrive faster than you think!

SMF technical team can assist you in:

  • spare parts,
  • technical training,
  • technical service on side – in your factory,
  • on-line support (most of our machines are equipped with internet module for on-line support) .

Whenever your SMF machine is covered by warranty or you request post-warranty service, we will carefully investigate your request to ensure best performance of SMF machines during their all life cycle.

Our priority is an efficiently after-sales service for our clients.

Contact us for a list of critical parts for your machine – keeping stock of parts and provide proper maintenance on time allows you to avoid downtimes and losses in your production.

In your request, please don’t forget to mentioned type of your machine, serial no, year of production and other technical details (pictures, movies) which allows us to proceed your requested more efficient!

Contact details:

Our help desk is available for you:


(whatsApp) +48 573 265 111 (call,chat)

between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM


We operate all over the world