Carbonate soft drinks

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Soft drink machinery

CSD drinks are often sweetened, color& taste full and thanks to carbonation – refreshing. In this category you will also find energy drinks which allows maximize your physical and intellectual capabilities as well as isotonic drinks using in sport activities. Bottles for carbonate soft drinks have special design which allows bottles resistant the pressure inside the bottle.

Soft drinks bottle machine

Bottom for CSD drink has to be “petaloid” in contrary for flat still water bottom. PET bottles can be different colors and shape which gives ready product eye-catching look. With almost 20 years’ experience, thousands of bottles designed by SMF and blowing pressure up to 40 bars we will find prefect way to produce your product.

SMF blowing machines are perfect choice for CSD products and together with our partners we can deliver turn-key solutions for CSD filling lines.

Our offer

Best bottle making machine for sparkling water, cola, carbonated drinks, carbonated juices and more.

Recommended machines:

– Optima 8

– HS12 000

– Optima 4

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