SB 6000

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SB 6000 belt type linear unscrambling machine

SB 6000 is belt type linear unscrambling machine designed to placing bottles in a vertical position so that they can be automatically transferred to the filling line. Bottles or other packaging are placed on a plate conveyor and then can be transported (e.g. by an air or plate conveyor) to filler or other machines.

About bottle unscrambler SB 6000

Bottle unscrambler SB 6000 is suitable for small bottles (50 ml or less) as well as for larger packages (bottles up to 1500 ml). Thanks to easy and quick format change , SB 6000 can work with various types of packaging. The capacity of this machine is approx. 12,000 bottles / h for a bottle of 500 ml and approx. 6,000 for a 1500 ml bottle (the capacity depends on the shape and size of the packaging). SB 6000 machine can be used for placing bottles, jars or other packages (PET, PP, HDPE or others).

How it works?

During the operation of SB 6 000 machine, the bottles are transported from the accumulation container (so-called hoper with a capacity of 2 m or 3 m) to the drum of the machine, and then, using a system of disks, belts and a hook, each bottle is placed vertically on the plate conveyor .

SMF unscramblers can be produced in special- pharma version . Machine in pharma version has all contact parts made of stainless steel, is fully covered to protect against contamination and can be equipped with the system of ionized air rinse.


• Suitable for PET bottles or other type of plastics

• Versatility in running many bottle formats and sizes on same machine – suitable for cylinders, jars, ovals, squares, rectangles and other oddly shaped bottles

• Cost-saving solution – automation of production process,

• Hygienic process – bottles do not have contact with operators, all bottle contact part made in stainless steel and plastic

• Operational simplicity – no specialized personnel needed &fast and easy format change

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