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SB 20 efficient rotary pocket-type unscrambling machine

SB 20 is a rotary pocket-type unscrambling machine designed to placing bottles in a vertical position so that they can be automatically transferred to the filling line. This machine can be used with bottles from 100ml to 2000ml.

The capacity of the SB20 is approx. 12,000 bottles per hour for a volume of 500 ml. Rotary unscrambling machine SB 20 is suitable to work with very light plastic bottles with a flat bottom. During the process of stacking the bottle into vertical position, no mechanical part of the machine making any pressure on the bottle, which prevents the deformations.

How the SB 20 unscrambler machine works

During the operation of the unscrambler SB 20 , the bottles are transported from the accumulation container (the so-called hoper with a capacity of 2 m or 3 m) to the machine drum. Then, thanks to rotation and gravity, each bottle goes into a separate, individually designed plastic pocket (cup). In the next step, bottle is placed in a vertical metal funnel to finally be placed on a vacuum conveyor at the exit of the SB 20 machine.


• Suitable for PET bottles or other types of plastic

• Suitable for very light bottles, prone to crushing

• Hygiene – bottles do not come into contact with operators, all contact parts of the bottles are made of stainless steel and plastic

• Ease of use – quick and easy format change

• Cost savings – automation of the production process and no periodic replacement of wearing parts

• Operational simplicity – no specialized personnel needed

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