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PET bottle water

PET bottle water filling machine

PET bottle is most common packaging for water. In many places in the world only bottled water is safe to drink so water filling lines is a must. SMF offers, makes design and installs small and medium speed water filling lines for drinkable water suitable for the speed 3 000 up to 28 000 bph for 500ml.

Modern PET blowing machines

With our wide range of modern PET blowing machines , system of conveyors tailored & made by us and individual designs of bottles, SMF can meet expectations of most demanding customers. As machine’s manufacturer we can design & adjust the line according customer’s needs & situation & budget and provide technical support.

Together with the client we develop layout of the production line and design of the bottle which allows most economical production of the bottles.

Mineral water bottling

Water lines can be designed for still (flat) water, still and sparkling water (most common volumes 200ml, 500ml, 2000ml) and for big water bottles 3-10L or 10-20L liters which can be also us in water dispenser (as better alternative to polycarbonate bottles – PET bottles are BPA free). Information about sparking water lines and line for bottles with volume more than 2L are given is section described in section:

  • Carbonate soft drinks
  • Big PET bottles 3L-20L


We offer water bottle machines (various sizes)

Your company produces water (sparkling, still)? Our bottle making machines are perfect for any production line. Which requires high performance and low cost.

Our machines make the following bottles: 0.5L, 1.5L, 0.6L, 0.25L, 0.71L water bottles. Bottles available in various designs perfectly suited to your customers.

Interested in a different capacity? Write to us, we’ll see what can be done.

Recommended machines:

– Optima 16

– Optima 8

-HS12 000

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