Big PET bottles 3L-20L

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Big PET bottles 3L-20L

Pure water should be packed directly after taking from the ground. To be sure that water we & our family consume is free of chemical or biological contaminations we often decide to use water in big containers. Using bottled water not only we know what we drink but also we can make sure that we deliver microelements necessary for our wellbeing.

Classic PET blowing machines

Classic PET blowing machines can produce bottles in volume 200ml up to 2000ml. SMF produce also special machines dedicated for big bottles productions: 3L, 5L, 10L and 20L. We can deliver machines and lines with working speed from 500 up to 6 500 bph for 5L volume.

Big bottle blowers

Our machines can produce also 20L bottle (5 US gallons) which are used in water dispensers – one way use or returnable 700gr heavy bottles (BPA free bottles). High volume bottles are also used for storage of wine, oil or chemical products and can be produce in various shapes.

All bottle capacities produced by our machine

  • 3L pet bottle

  • 5L pet bottle

  • 10L pet bottle

  • 20L pet bootle

Recommended machines:

– Optima 4MAX

– Stratos 10

– Stratos 20

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